BRAND BEACON is a team of online marketers and sellers working to "Transform Lives and Businesses Online". Our aim is to be an extension of Customer’s in-house team and work with a purpose of making positive changes in all that use the products and services we offer.

We have a strong background in Customer Services – helping them improve business processes in order to reach wider audiences and increase profitability.

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We believe in a lot of good things for everybody- health, good environment, and a peaceful world. However, we focus in helping children and animals. We have been making donations to Children Hospitals and Animal Shelters. Children are the future, and we want to contribute in whatever way big and small to further this cause.

Our aim is to partner with like-minded organisations in setting up ways to help children get treated of diseases with little or no financial burden to the parents who cannot afford expensive treatments. We also believe in advancing health, nutrition, and education of children wherever and whenever we can. We have a tie-up with Udaan Welfare Foundation for educating and equipping less fortunate children in Mumbai, India to be able to study and be able to join institutions of higher education and contribute positively to society.
Likewise, we believe that animals need care and love -like children. Specially the ones that are lost or abandoned and have nowhere to go. We make small but meaningful donations to various shelters locally.
We will be more that happy to introduce you to NGOs and Welfare foundations if you want to help them directly.

We will be elated if like-minded organisations partner with us to help organisations – help children and animals. We strongly believe that they are born to give and spread love.

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