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Meet the Team:
Tushar, Founder and CEO, is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional with 20+ years of expertise in project management, operations, business process optimization, and risk management. He's a member of the Project Management Institute, Digital Marketing Institute, the American Marketing Association, and the US Chamber of Commerce. He transitioned his real-world skills to the digital realm during the COVID pandemic -starting out as a seller on Amazon and other online marketplaces. His consultancy emerged during this period, aiding small business owners in establishing and enhancing their online presence. His clientele includes those seeking validation for business ideas, traditional stores transitioning to the digital sphere, struggling online businesses, and overwhelmed business owners. Tushar's team also provides comprehensive account management, handling day-to-day online operations on platforms like Amazon, and stays updated in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
“You won't get real help-till you ask for it- from a person who cares and who knows the subject you are seeking help in.” 
He continues seeking help himself -in order to serve his clients better.

Digital Marketing Experts: Our certified team of digital marketing professionals is well-versed in SEO, social media, content marketing, and online advertising. We stay ahead of digital trends to ensure your online presence not only thrives but also outshines the competition.
E-Commerce Specialists: From setting up online stores to optimizing existing ones, our e-commerce experts have the knowledge and tools to help you succeed in the digital marketplace.
Process Optimization Wizards: Inefficient business processes can hinder growth. Our experts will streamline your operations, allowing you to focus on business expansion.

Your Long-Term Partner: At Brand Beacon, we're committed to building lasting partnerships. Your success is our priority, and we'll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and help you achieve your business goals. 

Life Enthusiasts: We believe in work-life balance. When not assisting businesses, we indulge in hobbies and fun activities. We will invite you to some of them. We all need de-stressors in our lives. We have ours- a Border Collie-and our clients have Maine Coons, German Shepherds to name a few.
Giving Back: We are strong believers in leaving behind a better place than we got and contribute in whatever way we can to make it better. We actively participate in donation drives and charities -mainly towards children; pets and animals. Our donations go to Pet Societies, Children Hospitals and NGOs helping underprivileged kids.

Your Success Is Our Success: We measure our success by your growth and prosperity. Whether you're a visionary, a physical store owner, or need to revitalize your online presence, Brand Beacon is here to guide you to success.

BRAND BEACON is more than a consultancy; we're your partners in realizing online business dreams. With expertise in various fields, we offer tailored solutions for entrepreneurs, physical stores, and businesses seeking online growth without the stress. Let's illuminate your path to online success together. Join us, and let's make your dreams a reality.

About Us

Galib Riyani,Centaur Floor Machines Ltd
Tushar really knows his stuff when it comes to businesses selling products on Amazon. He's super detail-oriented and always makes sure everything is spot on. What's really great is how he helps companies evaluate whether Amazon is the right platform for them or not. He's got this knack for coming up with smart plans and making them work.

Tvisha M, WhiteWolf Interiors,
I recently had the pleasure of working with Brand Beacon Company for a Comparative Market Analysis report and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge truly set them apart from the competition. From start to finish, their exceptional service left me impressed and satisfied.

Abi M, Zoomintolife Studio,
Their team at Brand Beacon showcases exceptional knowledge and talent when it comes to the Amazon marketplace. Their expertise & experience in navigating the platform and attention to detail is truly impressive. From optimizing product listings to managing advertising campaigns, they know how to make a business stand out and drive sales

M Puja, Zoomintolife Studio
The team at Brand Beacon stands as a beacon of excellence in the vast world of online marketplace. Not only do they meticulously refine product listings to perfection, but their adeptness in orchestrating advertising campaigns also reflects a keen attention to detail. In addition, Brand Beacon leverages advanced digital marketing techniques to further enhance online presence and results. This, combined with their unwavering dedication to quality, ensures that any brand's presence on Amazon is significantly amplified. For businesses aiming to not just compete but dominate on Amazon, aligning with Brand Beacon offers a transformative advantage. Highly recommend engaging with their exceptional team for stellar results.

Prasad Vaidya, Entrepreneur
I was recently looking for a company that would help me with determining the feasibility of my idea to see if I can launch a successful venture. I was recommended Brand Beacon agency by one of my buddies. So I decided to go ahead and I availed their market analysis service.

Kari DaSilva, Empyrean Design Studio,
I had the pleasure of working with the Brand Beacon team. If you're looking for a trusted partner to help you succeed in your eCommerce business — connect and work with Brand Beacon.

 Salil V,  Entrepreneur
Brand Beacon team is the best in the business. They are thoroughly professional and extremely talented. I highly recommend them.

Sanwana Korada, Entrepreneur / Educator
quick, fast, perfect items sent. wish that other sellers too would understand customer service and satisfaction like BRAND BEACON


We believe in a lot of good things for everybody- health, good environment, and a peaceful world. However, we focus in helping children and animals. We have been making donations to Children Hospitals and Animal Shelters. Children are the future, and we want to contribute in whatever way big and small to further this cause.

Our aim is to partner with like-minded organizations in setting up ways to help children get treated of diseases with little or no financial burden to the parents who cannot afford expensive treatments. We also believe in advancing health, nutrition, and education of children wherever and whenever we can. We have a tie-up with Udaan Welfare Foundation for educating and equipping less fortunate children in Mumbai, India to be able to study and be able to join institutions of higher education and contribute positively to society.
Likewise, we believe that animals need care and love -like children. Specially the ones that are lost or abandoned and have nowhere to go. We make small but meaningful donations to various shelters locally.
We will be more that happy to introduce you to NGOs and Welfare foundations if you want to help them directly.

We will be elated if like-minded organizations partner with us to help organizations – help children and animals. We strongly believe that they are born to give and spread love.

Spreading Love


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