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Are you getting the feeling that you are missing something or missing out? The Online journey like all other journeys must start with preparations. Know the Why, the Who, the What, the How and the When of starting this journey. Let us do a little introspection before we do the extrospection.

Questions You Should Ask before Starting Your Online Business

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You want to reach the masses – use the biggies Meta, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn do the heavy lifting for you. These platforms should be a part of any sensible advertisement campaign or digital marketing strategy. The marketer must not only give information but also educate the shopper.

Put Your Money Where the Eyeballs Roam


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Have you seen a business without customers? And doing well too- may be not, and you never will. Amazon attributes its success to “striving to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, offering vast selection, low prices, and fast delivery”. The foremost attribute being “customer-centric”.

We speak about giving the customer a great product and beyond that it is a great service by responding and following up on the queries and perhaps running a satisfaction survey and beyond that -what?

Customer-focus or Customer-centric: Words or Actions


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